Why Use Genuine Parts? 2017-11-26T13:03:25+02:00

Why Use Genuine Parts?

As any vehicle distributor will tell you, Genuine parts have several advantages over OEM and aftermarket parts.

Thanks to legal obligations and a reputation to protect, car manufacturers invest heavily in research, development and safety requirements. They implement stringent quality control standards which are by-passed by aftermarket manufacturers and even by many OEM parts. With a new Genuine part, you always get a part you can depend on.

The intrinsic higher quality of genuine parts often ends up saving money compared to OEM or aftermarket parts, thanks to longer life, better performance, lower fitment costs, less administration and parts interpretation time, a near-zero rejection rate and no cross reference errors. And of course our dealer-beating prices.

Add to this the availability of any part, for even the latest models, from a washer to a complete engine, bumper clip to entire boot lid, and you can finally offer your customers everything they need.