More options, better value

For over a decade Pacific Genuine Autoparts has been matching hundreds of genuine parts distributors and suppliers around the world, with the complete range of new genuine car and truck parts for nearly all European and most Japanese and Korean car and truck brands.

We use the most competitive and reliable suppliers to solve your specific needs. Are you dealing with a wide range of car brands or a smaller market? You can consolidate genuine parts for 30 different brands from one warehouse. Are you specialised in one or two marques? We have the single-brand sources with the sharpest prices to allow you to beat the market. We work with specialist crash parts suppliers if you’re in the panels sector.

We also offer regular special net prices from single-brand sources around the world, allowing you to access particularly competitive opportunities as they arise.

Manage budgets and stock

If you need to buy or sell genuine parts to manage your dealership budget, Pacific Genuine Autoparts has distributors around the world ready to pick up the slack. Work with total confidentiality and set specific parameters around sales targets, ceilings and territories. We take care of payments and logistics so you have control over who knows what.

Real OEM

We can also supply products from a small range of Tier-1 parts manufacturers, giving you even more supply options.


The largest windscreen distributors in the world use us to supply 30 brands of genuine car glass from one warehouse.

No geography

We have suppliers and customers in almost every continent, so you can do business as close or far from home as you wish.


Full logistics and delivery solutions available, giving you access to our volume-driven competitive rates.